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Personal Branding Services

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Leadership Brand Coaching

Lesley is a highly experienced leadership brand coach. She has worked with 100’s of professionals & senior executives from many global organizations on their personal profile, impact and visibility over the past 15 years, helping them to create and project a consistent brand with every interaction they have.
Every program is individually designed, however typical areas covered include:

Personal brand definition – what do you want to be ‘famous’ for?
Creating a profile that is well-known for what you do and bring
Enhancing gravitas and impact in meetings, presentations and with the media
Being more visible internally and externally
Bringing an extra level of personality to your organisation with your strong & authentic brand, that is the face of the business




Lesley will work with your Executive team to understand, define and create a company-wide Corporate Brand Personality program that will take your corporate brand investment to the level it needs to operate at today for you to remain competitive.

People behaviors simply are your brand today, and therefore, every organization needs to provide its people, from the Executive Team down, with tools to differentiate themselves, create authentic impact and be consistent with their own brand in order to reinforce the corporate brand vision and values.

Every organization is different, therefore we provide this specialist service to determine:

How effective your brand engagement with your people is currently – assessment can be provided
Where the risk areas are
What measures need to be put in place to determine the effectiveness of a Corporate Brand Personality program
What the most effective coaching and training program will look like to achieve your goals
Bringing an extra level of personality to your organization with your strong and authentic leadership brand




Lesley has created a proven methodology called Walking TALL that provides organizations with a system to create greater employee engagement with the corporate brand, self-value and personal empowerment, with a highly effective personal branding journey and process.

Our programs are tailored to meet your objectives, reinforce your corporate messages and suit your specific audience and event themes.

We can be very flexible in the delivery of these programs:

Half-day to two day workshops
Team-building events
Virtual presentations and interactive sessions
Video modules
Online learning
…..or a blend of the above.
The exact program we create will be a result of the consultative process described above.


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