The Power Of Virtual Presentations

The Power Of Virtual Presentations

We live and work in a technologically-dependent world and the power of the digital arena can be seen everywhere. From heavy-hitting social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to live streaming on Snapchat and online teaching platforms we are able to connect with followers, employees and clients in a number of exciting ways.

Though we hear a lot about posts and shares, many of us are only just beginning to see the value in virtual presentations, which I think is a great shame but good news at the same time. Let me explain.

Last month, I had the great pleasure of delivering two virtual presentations to HSBC during their Global Development Week, where they hosted a speaker a day, along with various other engagement programs that encouraged mentoring, development and coaching. The platform was created with efficiency and engagement as two main goals.

“The Development Week was a package of virtual and face-to-face sessions, online media and materials, and story led communications aimed at building awareness, ownership and empowerment in colleagues and managers relating to development and careers,” says Tim Price, Global Head of Learning & Talent Development for Global Private Banking at HSBC.

According to Price, HSBC uses virtual presentations and sessions due to their broad reach and the opportunities they offer in terms of post-event playback, sharing and engagement.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, employee engagement is one of the most important factors in building a successful business and online brand. What excited me so much about this particular event was how clearly it showcased the value of these presentations. There were no drop-offs during either of my personal branding presentations (both lasted 90 minutes) and there was an immediate post-session engagement rate of roughly 20% within 24-hours on my social media platforms. This clearly demonstrates the power of social media for learning and engagement. Think about it: delegates are already at their desktops or mobile devices, therefore it’s an easy next step to engage on social media and further resources as suggested by the speaker.

Of course, what matters most to me is that the delegates are able to take away something of value from the sessions and it is always interesting to me what stands out to each of them individually.
“I would wholeheartedly support virtual presentations for engaged learning. I participated in the Branding Yourself virtual presentation and found it to be a perfect way to learn more about taking control of my brand,“ says Helen Westbrook, Head of Marketing, HSBC Europe.

I really appreciated Helen’s comments as having engaged employees feeds directly into employer brand (your company’s reputation) in that your employees internalize and project that brand directly to your current and potential clients and prospective new talent. Virtual presentations offer an unprecedented opportunity to connect with a much larger audience while saving time. Employees can login and watch the presentation from wherever they are with no concerns about commuting or making it back to join an important meeting or phone call.

I believe that the personal branding topic area is perfect for virtual presentations in that we are able to offer a solid amount of practical engaging content and tips provided in a structure that encourages immediate and sustainable action. Gitanjali Sharma Mathur Director, International Private Banking agrees:
“Virtual presentations are most definitely the future – they are both efficient and convenient whilst being engaging at the same time. I found Lesley’s personal branding session very useful with some key practical takeaways for building credibility and impact. This is perfect for virtual presentations where engagement is so crucial. In addition, I was able to keep momentum going with immediate follow-up on social media and additional tools provided in the course,” she says.

Here are a few other benefits of virtual presentations:
1. They are cost-effective and less labour intensive to create than large live events.
2. It is much easier to access top speakers when they don’t have to travel (and you don’t have to pay travel costs).
3. You’ll gain instant social media and digital engagement of delegates as well as potential digital media marketing opportunities.
4. Sessions can be recorded and easily provided on the internal Learning Management System.
5. They offer a perfect solution for globally dispersed employees.

How do you feel about virtual presentations? Are they effective?

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