Building an Effective, Engaging and Exciting Digital Brand

Building an Effective, Engaging and Exciting Digital Brand

Dear Readers,

I recently had the great pleasure of doing an interview with Build Your Digital Brand, a wonderful site that is dedicated to helping individuals identify, curate and promote their online brands. I loved this opportunity because I am very aware of the importance of placing digital high on the agenda if you want to build a strong personal brand that propels you where you want to be and be known for what you do.

There is no doubt that digital is becoming the main information platform and it’s no surprise that it’s becoming an even more powerful tool in terms of getting your authentic self across to readers and clients. Paying close attention to your platforms, researching information about posting times and engaging your followers and consumers are all vital components in creating a successful digital brand.

How seriously are you taking digital branding? Do you find it exciting, intimidating or both? Best,