A new approach to online coaching

A new approach to online coaching

Corporate training trends have gone full circle in the past decade. We started with traditional classroom training and moved to a vast array of e-learning platforms and back again to 1-to-1 coaching and classroom training.

We can attribute this pattern to the significant cuts in training budgets. This has reduced classroom training approaches and replaced them with the much cheaper e-learning platforms which, in the end, proved less effective. Personalized methods are now back on trend with professionals back in the classroom and utilizing face-to-face methods supported by online materials and videos.

At Walking TALL we have witnessed this trend also and have listened to our clients’ challenges. We recognise that nothing beats face-to-face training and coaching, however, the fees often mean it is not feasible for large numbers of staff or below middle manager level. It is with this in mind that we created have created a train-the-trainer system for this.

The product: We are offering 6 months of downloadable exercises, worksheets, videos and tips. In addition, you’ll receive 45 minutes with your own coach across Skype every month. This will help to keep you on track and coach you through.

Price: $225 per month.
Enroll Now (https://walkingtall.lpages.co/wti-supported-coaching/) to start your training!