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How should I deal with a Personal Branding crises?

I recently contributed to an article on Total Jobs on how to build a powerful personal brand and in particular they asked her how to deal with a personal branding crises. Here are the tips I shared: “You need to ensure that every online post you make is in line with your authentic personal brand and how you want to be perceived. Don’t create a false [...]

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Is your Marketing budget killing your brand?

Marketing spends are increasing as more pressure builds on companies to raise awareness of their brands and stand out from their competitors via advertising, sponsorship and digital media. This is happening at a time when customers are demanding a higher level of customer experience and conversely there is an increase in corporate bad manners. It’s not difficult to see the void opening up. In fact [...]

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It’s Authenticity that’s Essential in Business – Not Just Being Open about Your Personal Life

According to a recent article in HR Grapevine the CEO of HSBC, Antoni Simoes, says being gay has been key to his success in business. He believes it makes him more authentic as a person and better able to empathise but he adds “If we want to live in a true meritocracy, the only thing that should matter is what you can do and not [...]

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How Every Day Actions Can Lead You Towards Your Big Goals

As we head towards the end of the year you may be thinking about New Year's resolutions or goals you would like to achieve in 2015. What were you thinking a year ago? Have you achieved the goals you set yourself or were there obstacles that you hadn't expected? Maybe they were just too big or vague? Sometimes we set a goal that is a huge step [...]

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Do you Have Executive Presence?

What do people think about when your name is mentioned? What message is your image sending out? It’s not just about what you wear; it’s about how you present yourself in total. As well as your appearance you are also judged on your expression, the way you carry yourself, your mannerisms, whether you make eye contact, your voice and your actions. All of these give [...]

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Final Week as President of the GSF

I've just returned from NSA 2014 in San Diego where I handed over the Presidency of the Global Speakers Federation to Lenora Billings-Harris. It has been an absolute honour to serve as GSF President for 2013-2014 with such a strong and supportive team. I've had 12 fantastic months of travelling to attend National Speaking Conventions around the world. I've met some wonderful speaking colleagues and [...]

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Florida, Cancun & Mexico City

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