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Staying Motivated On Your 2017 Brand Goals: 5 Questions To Ask

Dear Readers: I hope all of you are having a great beginning of the year and are staying focused on your short and long-term goals. Now that it is February, many of us will find that the new year momentum has begun to wane (there is a reason gym attendance drops drastically in February), but it is important to stay consistent.  To keep us all [...]

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Stop Procrastinating: 5 Reasons To Work In “Real Time”

  Dear Readers: Building a successful business and brand takes time, but there's a big difference between creating a space for strategy and building and allowing fear to hold you back. I am a big fan of taking the initial first step to getting things moving once there are clear goals and an outline. Today, I want to share five reasons there is no time [...]

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10 Alternative Facts To Help “Boost” Your Personal Brand

Forget what you have heard about a successful personal brand being based on authenticity, consistency and respect for your values, clients and followers. Right now ‘alternative facts’ reign supreme which is why we are sharing 10 to help you win the favor (or at least attention) of all you meet and engage. Consistency is overrated. Don't waste time by getting to know your true core [...]

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Why You Must Ask People To Follow You On Social Media

Dear Readers, I hope all of you have had a wonderful and restful holiday and are stepping into 2017 with a renewed sense of inspiration and passion. Over the holidays, I could not help but to enjoy the many heartwarming and funny posts posted by those in my network. I also enjoyed sharing my special moments with friends and colleagues. One had a bit of [...]

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Why Being A Leader Is Better Than Being “A Boss”.

Dear Readers: One of the most exciting parts of being a business owner is getting to build a great team with whom you can collaborate, set goals and achieve milestones. Choosing the right talent is only the first step; the next is leading them effectively. Think about it: What good is hiring a group of talented, creative visionaries if you don't give them the tools, [...]

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Lesley’s Top Ten Speaking Tips

It's often noted that public speaking is one of the most common fears faced by both men and women, but we live in a world where the way we speak and present to clients and colleagues can build or break a brand. As a speaker and personal branding specialist, I strongly believe that in order to get noticed, be visible and progress in your corporate [...]

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Is corporate brand created on the store floor?

When we mention the words “Corporate Branding” we automatically tend to think of logos, colours, taglines and perhaps values, mission statement and corporate vision. We then assume that brochures, advertising, sponsorship and social media are the methods by which that brand is portrayed. Business leaders are now starting to come round to the fact that really the corporate brand is about people – that your [...]

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Engaged Employees lead to optimum Employer Brand

Employee brand and employer brand are intrinsically linked – both are projected most powerfully by your people. They are impacted by how your employees feel about working for your organisation and subsequently how they behave. The simplest definition: Employer brand – your company’s reputation as an employer Employee brand – the process by which employees internalize then project the corporate brand and reputation Employer brand [...]

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The changing world of responsibility

When researching my book Corporate Brand Personality, I began to quickly realise that at the core of the emerging breakdown of a culture of trust and respect in many organisations, is the diminishing level of responsibility and accountability taken by individuals. It has sadly become an accepted state in business – that of a general acceptance that people will not do what they say they’re [...]

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A new wave of branding?

Creating an authentic personality to your corporate brand may not be something you have spent lots of time thinking about in your organisation. In today’s highly competitive and trust-seeking business world we all operate in, it is perhaps quite simply your biggest differentiator. However, we are now starting to experience the need for leaders to really embrace this and develop a personal brand that ensures [...]

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